Lisa Fischer

Should I consider intermittent fasting?

Dear Lisa,

I have seen you write and heard you talk about intermittent fasting on your social media. Is it really the right thing for everybody?

Jill M.
Little Rock, Ark.

Dear Jill M.,

Intermittent fasting has been coined by Gin Stephens, whom I refer to as the "mother of intermittent fasting," as the "health plan with a side effect of weight loss." Intermittent fasting does things for your body that even your medicines might not. And don't we all want to get off our medicines and not take more? IF, as we call it, is eating in a time-restricted manner. The magic happens when we reduce the amount of hours we release insulin. Though insulin is important to usher glucose to our cells, it is often too readily available, and we can't burn the stored fat on our bodies with excess insulin. How to remedy? Eat in an eating window, where you decide what is best for you, and then fast the other hours. I prefer eating in a five-hour-window every day, and then I fast the other 19 hours in the day. It works well for me and because of this lifestyle, I need less thyroid medicine and a rare swallowing disorder I have is the best my GI doc has ever seen. Your body needs a break from digestion. Do it and watch the inches fall off along with pounds, and you'll feel the best you ever had. Want more information on the topic? Email me and join one of my intermittent fasting groups.