Lisa Fischer

Should I splurge on the Jimmy Choos?

Dear Lisa,

I know you love shoes as I remember you talking about them on social and when you were on the radio. But I was wondering, should I splurge on a pair of Jimmy Choos just to have a pair?

- Kiki in Little Rock

Dear Kiki in Little Rock,

This is a tough one, because I don't even own a pair. I do have a fancy pair of crystal Gucci shoes that I wore to my daughter's wedding and those fulfill my CInderella shoe fantasy. The problem with the extremely high-end shoes like Jimmy Choos or Manolos or Louboutins is that they aren't comfortable. And now that designers like Sam Edelman make shoes that look like the fancy schmancy ones, I don't know if you have to fork down $800 (that's for the cheap seats, as we say). I will tell you that there is a designer who's a podiatrist and she makes a really comfortable high-end shoe. Marian Parke. Have you seen those? Go to her website and see what you think. I have tried them on but she doesn't make my size. I have big feet and in her line I would wear a 10 1/2, and she doesn't do half-sizes for clown feet. But whatever you decide, check back with me. I do love a good shoe splurge.