Lisa Fischer

Health Coaching

As a longtime radio/TV personality and magazine editor, I have always had an interest in health. From my own multiple diagnoses twenty years ago to plenty of healthcare providers just writing a prescription for pharmaceuticals, I took the bull by the horns and started my own investigation into WHY I was sick. Six autoimmune conditions later and just one RX (a dead thyroid has to be resuscitated with thyroid hormone replacement, the natural medicine, of course), I, as a certified integrative nutrition health coach, am now helping others overcome their fatigue, weight gain and lack of ambition.

First, what is a health coach? A health coach partners with you to take back your health through one-on-one coaching in a private setting where all boundaries of privacy are respected. Some clients will choose group coaching, but the same rules apply.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City where I earned my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certification in September 2021. I see clients and can help you achieve the quality of life you once had.

I focus my health coaching for women in areas such as:

Weight loss

Thyroid health




Peri and post-menopausal issues

By working with your:

Insulin levels

Intermittent fasting practices

Gut health

Vitamin D


Home cooking




I give NO MEDICAL ADVICE and work cooperatively with your healthcare providers, if needed. There is no health insurance reimbursement for health coaches at this time (something else I will tackle in my lifetime). Health coaching fees are $125/50- minute sessions for private coaching, and it is recommended I meet with you as a client for a minimum of three months (every other week) with options to continue the partnership after the three months is up. For group coaching, fees range from $50-$75 a session.